VB6 Application Compatibility With Vista

I have an application that was written in VB6. This application installs properly (w/o error) on Vista machines. Several months ago I posted a question regarding the "Exe. Has Stppped Working" error that came up when this application was run on Vista and subsequently a compatibility file (.sdb) was created that ran with the installer to set compatibility for "Run As Administartor" and "Windows 2000" compatibility. I do not know why these had to be set as they were but after experimenting with the File>>Properties>>Compatibility this was discovered to make this application run successfully under Vista. (Hence the sdb file was created to set these properties globally during installation. The problem is now the same "Exe. Has Stopped" error is coming up again. Without any indication of why or what other items need to be set in the .sdb file I have no way of knowing what else to do to resolve this. We have essentially eliminated all Vista users from potential sales and this is very damaging to our business. The program is being converted to VB.net but it is 400000 lines of code so this process is taking a long time. We need to get it compatible now. Is there a utility that can be run against an application taht will spell out whrer exactly the incompatibility lies so it can be added to the .sdb? Is there a recommended Installer that would work better? Currently using Installshield 2008 Express. Help!!!
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You may need to verify that you have the latest and greatest run time distribution files for VB6 - see the following link for details


If this does not get you moving in the right direction you may want to look a little more deeply into how UAC settings affect your program and or run time files and also how Vista implements "virtual store" as a security mechanism.

Good luck.


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My approaches would be:
-is the .sdb still intact and applied? Reapply it.
-What changed at the vista systems? UNinstall the latest MS updates
-Use a clean Vista system (with SP1) without further updates to check
-Find the reason through monitoring: procmon is freeware by MS to do this. Use its crosshair filtering option. Compare the logfile to that of another windows OS.
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