Terminal Server installation pop-up / MSI Installation error 1500

When  I run an MSI installer on a box that's running Windows 2003 in Terminal Server mode, I get a pop up with Heading "After Installation" and text: "After installation click next". The problem is, I'm not sure if related, that each installation I try doesnt get anywhere with a 1500 error: Another installation is in Progress. I tried restarting the server, as well as setting the Windows Installation Service to manual with no luck. How do I get to install again, am I right that installation is failing because of this Terminal Service pop up.  There is a thread on google with the same a problem:


Thanks for any pointers.  Here are the screenshots

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Vadim RappCommented:
Without a doubt, this is an attempt of the author of this installation to launch some other installation in the end of it, against all recommendations. He probably has spent significant time finding the trick that would get through the restrictions put in place, and figured what he thought would work, which is evidenced by these messages "don't click the button until..." Unfortunately, this way turned out to be exactly as unstable as predicted.
Vadim RappCommented:
regarding what to do... nothing, actually - it will not work. You don't tell what product this is, but for me the message "don't click until" would be laughable enough to make the conclusion that the author is not very professional, and most likely, not only in the installations area - however unaware you are of the area of installations, putting up "don't click me until..." just couldn't be done by a pro  in any area.
Anti-MhzAuthor Commented:
yea and the message is in CAPS. it doesnt look professional. my first thought was a virus or a spyware of some thought. however if you check out the link i posted in my question, there seems to be a gentleman saying its a bug with microsoft terminal server role installed on windows 2003. Now im stuck with a server where i cant install anything and yes that server HAS to be in a terminal server mode.
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Vadim RappCommented:
You are right, looks like this is indeed coming from terminal services.

First, please try running this installation not on terminal server and see if it works. Maybe "another installation in progress" in fact is not related to the messages you saw.

According to the documenation, terminal server is being put into installation mode when you either issue CHANGE USER, or install from "add/remove programs". If so, I would try to install by running the MSI directly. Maybe even open command prompt window and repeatedly issue CHANGE USER /EXECUTE while the installation gets initialized, to avoid the server going into installation mode.

If all fails, please enable detailed logging of the installer and post the log here.

Vadim RappCommented:
...also, if you enable detailed logging, look in the temp directory of both user and machine, to see if there's another log file of that "another installation". Kill msiexec process(-es); delete all msi*.log files; then run the installation, and when it says there's another one in progress, see how many log files are there now - one or two.
i would also check terminal services manager, and see if there is another copy of the user running, and try switching to that one.

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