Administer Microsoft 2008 Server remotely that is not part of the domain.

This is a test network.

Desired end state: Administer a 2008 server in a DMZ that is not part of the AD domain.

I am building a Microsoft Exchange 2007 Edge Transport server that is being place in a DMZ (DMZ is in a Smoothwall 2.0 orange zone) on a separate subnet 192.168.200.x. The domain is in 192.168.100.x. This server is being installed prior to the Exchange 2007 mailbox/public folder server.

Using remote desktop connection only seems to work if the server is in the same domain.

I feel this is a two part problem 1. Being able to administer the Edge server without being part of the domain. 2. Being able to get to the server and administer it  through the firewall on a separate subnet (a firewall problem).

Currently the Edge server is on the same subnet in the LAN (not DMZ).


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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You first need to configure the firewall to allow access to the RDP from the LAN.
Second you need to make sure that the Remote administration is configured on the DMZ'd server.
Third, when the prior two have been confirmed to work, make sure the credentials you provide for the remote connection match the credentials on the system versus using existing domain credentials.
try using for username user@servernam plus password.  I.e. it is possible that the default domain included in the RDP references you AD domain.  Click on options on the RDP client connection to see what is being provided.
jarhead1899Author Commented:

Thanks. I will attempt part 2 and 3 of your solution prior to moving the server into the DMZ.
You should be able to RDP into a system regardless of if it's on your domain or not. If you cannot, it sounds like a routing issue, or like the server is not properly configured to allow remote access.
jarhead1899Author Commented:
Part 2 and 3 worked, I went with enabling the remote administration and remote desktop vice enabling the RDP via the terminal server role. Now I just need to work on the DMZ piece. Do you happen to know the ports that need to be open to enable Remote Desktop?  If not I will locate and post a follow up here. Thanks.
RDP uses TCP port 3389.
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