Outlook Appointment "Location" field not recieved

When an appointment is made in Outlook the location field is not transferring to all attendees. On an appointment with several attendees, most are receiving the location but a few of my users are not.   Almost all users inside the network are receiving the location on an invitation. On testing one user, I noted that appointments that do include a location are also listed within his LocationMRU, others are not. I know the LocationMRU holds ten entries, I could empty these and start fresh but this would not solve the situation for he has 30 appointments with 22 different locations. Refreshing his MRU would only refresh his list and not automatically include all of his locations.

It seems to me that the location field would be an important feature. It is listed both on reminders and in calendar view. So the root of this question is can the Location field be depended on or should users be using a different method to describe where the appointment will be held?
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David LeeCommented:
Hi, Burrtech.

Is there anything common among the attendees who don't get the location?  Are they all external users?  Are they all Outlook users?  Are they all using the same version of Outlook?  
BurrtechAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply. The users who are having issues are internal users all using Outlook 2003. Both are out of the office today so I am limited to the knowledge I have already gained and will test more upon their return. One of these users has informed me he does receive the location to meetings when it has synced with his phone. This leads me to consider again if it may be the Black-Jack that might be causing his issue.  Although it is not one of the phones known to cause this, the newer version he uses may indeed have issues while syncing. I have put much thought on this issue and feel one way to remedy it would be to ensure that when a meeting is made to be using a resource as the location, even if I need to create additional resources for conference calls and the like. This would force the location to be an object held in Exchange and not only in the LocationMRU.
David LeeCommented:
I don't think the LocationMRU has any bearing on this issue.  Whatever is entered in the location field, without regard to whether the entry is in the MRU list or an Exchange object, is transmitted as literal text in the message object.  It's not a pointer.  The MRU list is merely a convenience to the person creating the appointment.  So, either the text makes it to the other end or it doesn't.  My bet is that it is making it to the recipient and something at their end is responsible for it disappearing.  
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BurrtechAuthor Commented:
You bring up a good point saying that the transmission is text. I will be taking a closer look to see if I can pinpoint the loss of data to the phones sync. This may very well be the cause of the situation. I will test it in the morning and post results then. Thank you for your help.
David LeeCommented:
You're welcome.
BurrtechAuthor Commented:
It appears that the users that are having the error are using windows mobile 6. On the same domain, users with phones using windows mobile 5 are not having the issue. We are using Exchange 6.5.7638.1. On a seperate domain/company, we have an exchange server with near identical settings, and are using windows mobile 6 with no errors.

I have not found any solutions as of yet and am heavy into finding one.
David LeeCommented:
I don't have access to a WM6 device, so I'm afraid I won't be able to provide more assistance.  You might want to ask an admin to cross-post this question to the Exchange and Windows Mobile zones.  
BurrtechAuthor Commented:
This problem has to do with the way that our phones communicate with outlook. We have installed Office 2007 and this has resolved the issue. Thank you again for all your help.

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David LeeCommented:
Glad you found a solution.  Cheers.
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