Firewall suggestions?

Soliciting firewall suggestions here. Let me list the requirements and the intended setup.

1.) Wireless G
2.) WAN port to connect a point to point T1
3.) Less than $500

 The intended setup is as follows: Cable Internet router will be set to function as a pass through to the firewall. The firewall will handle DHCP and NAT. The only other input will be a router from our point to point T1. The only cable coming out of the firewall will go to a 24-port switch that handles our interneal LAN.  

 I was looking at the Sonicwall TZ180 wireless but I can't tell if it can be used with our WAN. Doesn't list a WAN port. We certainly don't need the 3G capability and other bells and whistles of the TZ190 so I don't want to pay the higher price.

 We want to provide more security than what the firewall on our Internet router is giving us. We need to be PIC compliant (credit card information protection) and all the dedicated hardware firewalls I have seen meet this. We need packet inspection, the ability to forward ports, solid wireless security (i.e. something more than WEP), and maybe a few VPN tunnels. That's really it. Suggestions are appreciated.

Also- how does licensing work on hardware firewallls. I see user licensing mentioned on some products. If we have the firewall plugged into our WAN (~6 users) and a switch on our LAN (~25 users) what kind of licensing do we need to get?


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You can look at following vendors products:
Juniper SSG series; Cisco ASA series, Sonicwall, Watchguard X Edge series

The smaller models of any products come with a pre-defined user license limit, which is usually 10 but can vary; this means only a maximum of 10 concurrent users can go to the internet.

I would suggest you to do a price/feature comparison and shortlist among the models/make. If you are familiar with any brand then I would suggest you to give that first preference. The vendors I mentioned are not the only one in business the list is long.

Thank you.
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