HP 3600 Won't print until reboot

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We have a couple of HP network printers that are giving us troouble on a couple of workstations.  One is an HP LJ 3600 and the other an HP LJ 3005.  Printing will work fine for a few hours at a time, then a print job will be sent to one of the printers that will hang on printing, and won't print until logging off then back on or rebooting.  Syetms are P4 Core 2, 2 GB Ram, Windows XP/SP3 installed. We have recently upgraded to a Linksys RV016 VPN router, but the same thing happened with the old D-Link router.
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1) make sure yo have the latest firmware on the pronters.

2) Get updated drivers.
3) Check with the HP management software ( HP jetdirect )

I hope this helps !
The actual problem was an IP conflict with an internet security system that was port forwarded to the printer's IP address, we rest the printer's IP and everything was OK.


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