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Windows 2003 running MS Exchange hangs everyday. The console also is hung. I have to power off and on to restart. Then I have to manually reload Infostore for Exchange 2003. This has been going on now for 5 days. Now, I am not able to start Infostore when server comes back up; it times out. The server has been operational for 2 years.
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sti007Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After researching the problem, I found that there was another Windows 2003 server that was the first Domain Controller and also holds other roles like Global catalog. This other server had some problems. I resolved the problems on the server, then moved the roles to Exchange server. The server has been staying up for the past 8 days now. I think that may have been theproblem all along because the Exchange server was unable to get whatever global catalog information it needed and just froze up.
Thanks everyone for your comments.
Leon TealeConnect With a Mentor Penetration TesterCommented:
is your server becoming jam packed with emails?

in tother words try remove some of your mailboxes from your server...back them up and/or create some Archives of mailboxes for people (.pst) and save them on the local machine so they can still have access to them
sti007Author Commented:
I am not even able to load Infostore, so I cannot purge emails or remove accounts.
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sti007Author Commented:
Three services did not load when I rebooted Exchange Server--Exchange System Attendant; MTA Stacks and Information Store. I tried to start them manualy but received an error message "The service did not respond in a timely fashion"
calltmsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check credentials in the services. Make sure the username and password for those services is correct and actually works. Manually change the password yourself and update the services if necessary. Make sure the password doesn't expire.

Also, check out stats on your server -CPU and Memory especially. If something else is using up all your resources, it may prevent important services from running.

Any server updates done lately? software installed lately? Any changes you can think of that happened prior to this issue?
sti007Author Commented:
I am now able to turn off and on the server and was able to load all services. But 5 hours later, the server locked up again and required a reboot by powering off and on. When the server is locked up, I was still able to ping it and it replied. I was also able to connect to see the ftp folders on the same server. There was no response from the console though. I just have to cold boot by turning the server off and on. this has been going on now for two weeks.
calltmsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had this problem on one of my client's servers.

Check for viruses - there might be some Limewire going on that shouldn't be.

Dumb idea, but is somebody putting in a CD or Floppy disk or something? I've seen putting a CD into a server drive lock up a system because the CD Rom was bad.

Have you looked in the event viewer to see what error messages come up in Application and System? Chances are that when the services crash, it's reporting it.
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