How to Automatically Populate a Multi-Task List

My client needs a tempate to be used multiple times (basically with every new hire). I set up a multi-task list (set up as a custom list) in SharePoint.  There are 30 tasks. The client wants a tempate where all tasks are automatically displayed. All she has to do is tab through the fields populating the Assigned To field and a few others.
She wants a template so she use it over and over.  
I am a newbie with Infopath so code won't help me.
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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
You would create a new form.
Add a repeating node to the data source which is tasks or create a node for each of the thirty. For SharePoint you will need a node for each to be able to display.
Then setup your view with the 30 that the user can tab through.

When it is submitted to SharePoint you can promote each of the thirty so that they display for each new hire in the form library.

I would start simple and work your way up with examples and testing to gain InfoPath wisdom. is a good resource.
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