Cisco 2811 router handling two MPLS circuits with BGP

I am working with a Cisco 2811 router that currently has a WIC-T1-DSU-V2 modules installed in it.  It is connected to a MPLS circuit with BGP on it.
The plan is to install a second T1 WIC module to handle another MPLS from a different provider.  This second provider is also going to be using BGP.
Is this possible?  Can a single router handle two circuits and two BGP setups?  BGP is not one of my strongest skills, so please use an "answering a newbie" approach in your reply.  For configuring the WIC, IP addresses, etc., I am okay with configuring them. (former Cisco CCNA holder)
Thank you!
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The answer is yes, BGP was developed just for the scenario you are detailing. You are describing setting up BGP multihoming, or connecting to two different providers to your BGP domain.

You would have one BGP setup tht peers with two different providers, very doable

harbor235 ;}
As harbor said this is very doable and very common.

Rather than type it out I'll let Cisco explain it. ;-)  If any of this doesn't make sense please respond back.

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DilbertW01Author Commented:
That link was exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you!
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