Shell script to roll new *.conf file

I have 27 aixservers and I want to add couple lines in my /etc/ntp.conf file. RSH is enabled in the enviroment. All the servers have the present conf file
root@aixserver14 # cat ntp.conf
#AIX Only /etc/ntp.conf:
# Updated NTP Conf for AIX Servers
# - rcvs updates from DNS:
disable auth
disable bclient
disable pll
disable monitor
server ntp1
logconfig =syncall +clockall
driftfile /var/log/ntp.drift
tracefile /var/log/ntp.trace

I want to add the below to the present configuration file
server ntp2
server ntp3
server ntp4

Before making any changes I want to back the file up and make necessary changes. So can anybody suggest.
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I'm sure you've had the usual lectures about using ssh instead of rsh, so I won't go there.

for host in `cat /file/with/hosts`
  rsh $host "cp /etc/ntp.conf /etc/ntp.conf.bak"
  rsh $host 'echo "server ntp2\nserver ntp3\nserver ntp4" >>/etc/ntp.conf'

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Hi again,
part of the following you will already know from your last problem.
The same things I wrote there apply here, too.


for srv in $(cat ~/ntphosts)
ssh $srv \
     'cp -p /etc/ntp.conf /etc/ntp.conf.backup
      echo "server ntp2 \n server ntp3 \n server ntp4" >> /etc/ntp.conf'

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Oh sorry,
this was an overlap!

Seems some people are too fast for me ...

jdenver247Author Commented:
Thanks both the codes are working
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