What version of Windows Installer should I use?

I am using the Wise Installation Express system to install a VB6 app.  Currently I have it set so the target computer has to have at least the Windows Installer v2 to run.  What would be the advantages of forcing the higher versions?  Should I always force it to be the highest version of the Windows Installer and then provide the Windows Installer so that it will work?
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Daniel WilsonCommented:
I would use the lowest version that has the features you need.  2.0 covers most bases.

that way you're forcing as little MS stuff on your customers as possible.

If you find you NEED a feature from 3 or higher -- as you say, provide it.  But for most installations you don't.

My $.02 ... others may disagree as this is more a matter of philosophy than technical correctness.

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onemorecokeAuthor Commented:
Question:  Wouldn't a higher version of the Windows Installation system fix some of the issues/bugs that older version had?  I am running into some weird install problems I cannot explain or fix because they are behind the scenes.  
Daniel WilsonCommented:
OK, if you're running into weird install problems, trying a higher version is reasonable ... but I don't put too much faith in that being the solution.
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