Unable to ping a hostname, but able to ping an IP, help?

I am trying to fix an issue I have seen on a couple machines here recently.  Typically I would just reload the system, but since I have seen it so many times now, I'm wondering if there is another fix.

Here is the problem:

All the of the computers have had viruses and spyware on them, so that is more than likely the root of the problem.  But here is what I am trying to fix; I am able to ping an IP of a website but I am not able to ping the FQDN.  This is the error I receive: "ping could not find host.....".

If I go into nslookup and ping www.google.com it will resolve the IPs and then say 'DNS request timed out' even though it gave me a list of 4  IPs associated with www.google.com.

Currently the DNS server is set dynamically to which is my router.  All other computers on the network are also set to and they are all working correctly.  I have even tried using a free DNS server on the internet to no avail.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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PremiumpcsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I ended up just doing a reinstall of XP
ipconfig /flushdns


netsh winsosk reset
PremiumpcsAuthor Commented:
I had already tried this but forgot to list it.

I have already looked for any malformed or corrupt LSPs using LSPfix as well.
PremiumpcsAuthor Commented:
anyone else have any suggestions?

if i dont get any replies soon I'm going to have to do a do a reload to get this thing out the door
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