Creating an Address List with hidden Contacts from AD

We've created a new Address List in Exchange 2003 that gathers its contacts from an OU in our AD.  We would like the share that address list with only a few key people but don't want those contact addresses to be displayed in our Global Address List.  The only way I know how to accomplish this is to enable the "Hide from Exchange address lists" option on each of the contacts but then they are also no longer displayed in the new list.  Anyone know if there is a way to perhaps modify the AD OU security to only allow the few key people to see these contacts within our GAL and in the new list?
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sthubertConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out it wasn't actually what I was looking for but here is how I resolved my own issue...

Created an Address List Called TEST
Created an OU in AD Called TEST

Added this filter rule on the Address List: (&legacyexchangedn=*TEST*)

Modified the permissions on the Address List so only the users that require it can open it

Modified the permissions on OU Test - Removed inheritance, Removed Everyone and Anonymous then only allowed users specific users.  

Created the contacts within the Test OU.

Now when I open the Address Book on any users station that was not added to the security of the OU or the Address list do not see the contacts in the Global Address List, nor can they open the address list.

Problem Solved! :)
You basically do not want others to view the contact list  and only want few people in your organization to view that list. right ?

What you want to achieve is called Address List Segregation.

Similar on the lines of what this article states.

sthubertAuthor Commented:
Sorry but this article is for Exchange 2007 and we're in 2003.  Does it still apply?
I know that bro,

That is the reason i wrote

"Similar on the lines of what this article states"

You would have to understand what goes through with permissions changes done on E2k7 box - which was exactly the same done by E2k3 boxes.
One question, can you check using Outlook in cache mode - my stint of working with Hosting tells me that downloading offline address book would not work for you - have a look.
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