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I have been "given" an HP Proliant ML150 G2 Server and been told to make it work for a project. It came w/512 RAM and I am trying to upgrade without spending the farm. I purchased 4-1GB Kingston DDR-333 PC2700 ECC RAM chips and I just get beeping. I found some ECC 256MB chips that worked fine. They also are 333 ECC chips. What am I missing? The HP label says "Use only PC2700 333-MHZ registered, ECC, DDR DIMMs." Some of the memory sights say I don't even need ECC RAM which I tried and still get the beeping. I am looking for 4GB of RAM. What should I get to get this guy working? Thanks...
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The Kingston Memory should work if you used the Kingston memory configurator and did not just purchase anything you found.  Server RAM is speced and built specifically for the servers, use the Kingston Configurator.

Here is what I found from Kingston:

Hope this helps!
Yancey LandrumTechnical Team LeadCommented:
Kingston should work fine, but you gotta get the right ones; Proliants are notoriously picky about their ram. I've had them (and their Compaq-branded predecessors) cough up a hairball on RAM that otherwise spec'd out just right. In fact, I believe Kingston OEMs the RAM for HP/Compaq.

Please don't accept this as an answer, since Kutyi answered first; I just wanted to add my $0.02 since I've dealt with Proliants for many years.
ss6766Author Commented:
I knew this was the way to go and as a matter of fact I just got it from Newegg for $400 for 4GB. I just don't understand what the difference is btwn that and the $100/4GB. It's just not worth the bother anymore. Thanks a lot for the quick input.
No problem, but to answer your question about the difference between to two types of works, one doesn't.
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