Will the WDA-1320 dlink pci wireless card work in my MAC G5 1.6 with Tiger?

I am trying to install wireless on my G5 MAC but as a newbie, haven't a clue which cards work.  The Dlink site says the WDA-1320 is for PC only but the guys at Geeksquad tell me it will work.
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Generally speaking, don't trust the Geek squad or any PC centric advice to work with Macs........unless you know the persons knows Macs too.  It's been my experience that most techs don't really know both platforms well.

As for your dilema, yes  you are correct that there are no Mac drivers for that card from D-link.  Two options:

1.  Some PC hardware works with the default Mac drivers, or perhaps need a little config tweak.  See this thread for an example that may apply, though I can't confirm:


2.  Sometimes there are third party drivers that work with PC hardware, such as this:


Your model is not listed, but there is a free trial, so you can try in case their list is out of date, or less than complete.

If you already have the D-link, you can hunt for these two types of work arounds, or try to return it.  If you don't have it yet, or do return int, there are other options for Macs that incude drives and support.  Here are a couple places to shop:


Happy hunting.

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Your best bet is to get an Airport Extreme Card - http://shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_nkwZairportQ20extremeQ20cardQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZR40QQ_mdoZ

If you need Wireless N instead of Wireless G (the Airport card is G), here are N PCI cards that are specifically designed for G5 Macs:



P.S. one advantage to the Airport Extreme card is that the G5 has a dedicated slot for it, so installing an Airport Extreme card does not use up one of your PCI slots.
chitchcockAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for the excellent advise.  I did notice the airport extreme card at my local Bestbuy so that is a good option for me.  I am happy to hear it will fit my model.  Thanks
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