Exchange Server not updating DNS settings after IP address change


We recently moved our Exchange Server to a different subnet in the same company. We changed the IP address of the Exchange Server (Exchange 2007, Server 2008) and pointed it at the new DNS servers. Our inbound and outbound mail are working properly but there is a problem. The DNS on the mailserver will not update. When I try to ping the mail server from itself by name it is coming up with the OLD IP address. I checked the DNS settings on both DNS servers and they have the new IP address, when I ping the mailserver by name from them it resolves correctly. All other computers and servers are resolving name to IP correctly except for the mail server. Is there some sort of internal setting I need to change in Exchange as well?? I am stuck and not sure why the Exchange server is the only one that won't  pull the new DNS setttings. Any ideas? I flushed the DNS and rebooted twice, no changes.
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Havve you tried checking into the Mail Servers HOST file to see if there's any entry for the Mail Server itself?

Go to your \\SystemDrive\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts

Open Hosts file as a notepad and see if there's an entry for this email server pointing to the old IP address.
If yes, remove that and save the notepad file to see if it works fine now.

Try NSLOOKUP command to see whats the DNS Server that this Mail Server is looking to for name resolution.


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doboszbAuthor Commented:
That did it, thanks!
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