A program that makes ip to ip calls..

Hi everybody
Is there any program that would make computer based calls, just like skype, by connecting your computer directly to that computer?
For example, i would type the domain name or ip of that computer, whether in a local network or on the internet, and the port and then a call will be initiated without employing any server in the middle
provided that i know about portforwarding and firewall handling...
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TomConnect With a Mentor Microsoft ISV PartnerCommented:
OK here is direct download to direct IP to IP call proggy. :-)

TomMicrosoft ISV PartnerCommented:
A good solution is to use www.logmein.com
There you can register your computers and via this site you can get access to other the computer
easily. Basic functions is free. In the trialperiod you can try out file transfer and so on.
fifo_thekidAuthor Commented:
What log me in?
I don't want remote access, I WANT REMOTE CALLS!!!
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TomMicrosoft ISV PartnerCommented:
TomMicrosoft ISV PartnerCommented:
Then you have a ready made program here:
fifo_thekidAuthor Commented:
they don't make direct ip to ip calls
i don't want to use intermediate servers
>...whether in a local network or on the internet, and the port and then a call will be initiated without employing any server in the middle

Short answer: you can't do it.

If a computer is on the LAN side of an internet router, you can only send traffic to the router.  If that router is hiding 5 or 10 or 500 workstations, how will the router connect you to the proper workstation?

The current solution:  the workstation connects to a service, logs in and stays alive.

The only other workaround is to get every firewall admin to translate ports for individual workstations.  For instance:

port 44123 goes to workstation ABC as port 5060 (SIP)
port 44124 goes to workstation XYZ as port 5060 (SIP)

For a one-on-one relationship, this may be possible.  But you must be in control of the firewall, or be on good terms with the admin.

For a universal solution, there must be a login service with a client to keep the connection alive.
fifo_thekidAuthor Commented:
Although this is an old program, but it will do the work
I found another program, which is, X-Lite http://www.counterpath.net/x-lite.html

As for the other guy, yes I'm in charge of all the network, so I can do the port forwarding however I want...
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