Having problems with one domain sending us emails

   Dear experts:


    I am having an awful problem here with a domain that cannot send us emails ever since we changed our public IP address.


    The administrator from the troubled site keeps saying that his telnet session with our barracuda device times out and that is why he cannot send us emails. Meanwhile we are not having any complaints about emails coming in or out. So far we are only having this issue with this one domain.


    Last Friday Nov 7th, 2008 they had to change their DNS settings since they had a whole bunch of errors while running a DNS report from www.intodns.com. There were all these parameters that were not coming with a positive result. For example:


    1 Recursive Queries:


    2 Missing Nameservers reported by parent server


    3 missing nameservers reported by your nameservers


    4 stealth NS records sent


    All this from ns1/2/3.ox.com


    Today Monday 10, 2008 the DNS report result is much cleaner yet the email problem still persists. I wonder how much longer their DNS needs propagation.


    My problem right now is that the other site we are having trouble with is saying that the problem is with our barracuda. We are saying that his DNS cannot figure out who we are after the change of our public IP address. The best proof that I have that we are okay is that every outbound and inbound email has no troubles just this amapc.com (in case you need the domain in question).

Let me also mention we cannot see them in our barracuda at all not even as a spam or anything.

As per Barracuda the amapc.com domain  times out because their DNS resolves too slow.

Our email server is exchange 2003 and is setup to send and received over a smart host our Barracuda 300 Email Spam filter.

Thanks is advanced for any helpful thoughts, M

PS. our domain is tpgarchitecture.com

marceloNYCMiddle-Tier AdministratorAsked:
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marceloNYCConnect With a Mentor Middle-Tier AdministratorAuthor Commented:
OKay I fIxed it by having him enter an SMTP connector to his email server and it worked.
marceloNYCMiddle-Tier AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I am getting this when I run www.intodns.com for amapc.com:

NSs have same SOA serial        

Looks like your nameservers do not agree on the SOA serial. Ths SOA records as reported by your nameservers: ->  2008111060 ->  2008111046 ->  2008111060
This can cause some serious problems that is why you should fix this asap.

Is this something to take seriously?
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