One Public IP and 4 private ip's

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I want  Internet hosts to acces my four internal webservers (,51,52 and 53) using only one public ip address (209.167.100.x) and http protocol.Please let me know the steps using ASDM(5.2(2)) RUNNING ON pix 7.2(2)

Thank You
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i dont think you can, you would need a seperate external ip to nat to each web server


what if we change port numbers like one server is 80 and another is 8081 and another is 8082 etc..
You can do it by overloading your outsidie interface IP with NAT Translations.

static(inside,outside) tcp interface www server-1 www netmask 0 0  for port 80
static (inside,outside) tcp interface 8080 server-2 www netmask 0 0 for port 8080 to port 80 on server 2

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