Looking for Driver for HP Pavilion 751n motherboard. Audio Video

Looking for Driver for HP Pavilion 751n motherboard. Audio & Video Drivers. The motherboard name is ASUS SiS650 P4S-LA. Not sure where to find these drivers.
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stevef22Author Commented:
Uh, Ive been there done that. Missing audio and video. : ( HP needs to update that page. Still looking...
You could give DriverMax a shot.

MPCP-BrianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe we can walk through and find the drivers from the manufacturers...
1. Right Click on My Computer, Left click on Manage.
2. Click on Device Manager, you should notice on the right hand side icons with a yellow symbol next to them, this shows the device is unknown, or drivers are not installed.
3. Right click a device you are looking for, left click on properties.
4. Click on the Details tab on the top of the menu that popped up.
5. You should see some code in the middle that looks similar to this:
The important peices are:
   VEN_14E4    is    Vendor 14E4
   DEV_169C    is    Device 169C    for     Vendor    14E4

You can take this information to the website http://www.pcidatabase.com and find the specific device information for the drivers, then go to the manufacturer website and see if they make drivers for Windows XP, some hardware is Vista specific and the manufacturer's do not have driver support for Windows XP.

*Once you are in the Vendor and are searching for the Device you can hold CTRL and press 'F'.
-This is the Find feature, type in the Device ID and it will find it much quicker, since some pages are quite long.

Hope this helps!
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