I have a 3COM X5 sicurity platform that I can't get into

I got a new X5 unlimited user to replace a sonicwall device. I was going through the setup when my IE windows froze, and when I tried reconnecting I couldn't get the page to launch.

I have also tried connecting to the Colsole port with a DB9 to RJ45 connetion but can't get that to load either.

What am I missing? Why can I not get into the console to reset the device back to factory settings
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nicolausjConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Last night I was able to reset my X5 to factory defaults using the console cable. The catch, you need to set it to be Xon/Xoff for flow control.

Only having used Cisco and Nortel products this wan't something I have ever had to do before.
nicolausjAuthor Commented:
No.... I have looked at all the threads here and non help out. I said I tried the Console cable in my question. I can't get it to connect, nor can I get the admin page to load for the unit. Before the question is asked I am using https://  but the page just won't load.

One other odd note. Even though I can't connect to the admin page the unit is giving ip addresses out on the lan port. I can also ping on the lan port which is where I need to go to to launch the admin page.

Any advice?
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