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I get a "Found New Hardware" prompt and then it asked for a HPBF332E.DL file. The printer works fine but I can't get rid of this on startup. Is there a reg hack that I can use?

I get a 'found new hardware' wizard everytime on reboot asking for a file named HPBF332E.dl_ (yes with the underscore after the .dl).  I tried completely uninstalling the printer and reinstalling with the drivers from the HP website but with no luck.  The printer works fine but this wizard is a pain in the behind as it can't find the file it's looking for.  I'm looking for a reg hack to turn off this wizard on reboot as I already disabled all startup programs from msconfig and the startup folder.
I couldn't find anything online and HP is useless.  I'm running WXP Home edition.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
This has been a problem with the 3300 since it was launched.
There are two possible routes I'd suggest.  Both using the support link from HP below.

The first is to use the file location given in the link to point the Hardware Install Wizard at.  If this doesn't work then uninstall again and then check each of the locations listed in the link to ensure all the files have been removed (including the registry entries described).  It is tedious but usually successful.

Usually this is as a result of a previously failed installation that has not been completely removed (which means you can also fix it with a fresh Windows install!!!)

These are the default file locations:
Coopsys282Author Commented:
orangutang  -  I already tried that.
masqueraid -  I will try your suggestion next but I'm not going to reinstall windows as that's like a side effect of brain cancer for a drug that helps with arthritis, I'd rather deal with the arthritis.

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