Blinking Vista Cursor

My windows vista cursor keeps pulsing and blinking when I am nto even doing anything.
the small blue circle keeps spinning
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Is this affecting your normal use of the machine?

An OS (such as Vista) can have many programs running in the background that may be performing operations that you are not aware of, this could be causing the activity icon to go off.
manelson05Author Commented:
its just annoying keeps flashing and always moving.
Never saw this on XP
So, for example, if you log in and you are just sitting at your desktop doing nothing the cursor will continue to turn into the Vista hourglass (the spinning circle)?

How long does it go on for if you just sit and wait?

Does it seem to happen more when you have a certain application open?
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manelson05Author Commented:
just goes non stop.
Pulses like a heartbeat almost.
What programs start up with your computer? You can tell by going Start -> Type 'msconfig' in the search box and hit enter, go to the startup tab and the applications are listed there.

If you hit CTRL ALT DELETE, open task manager, hit the processes tab, what processes are using the most memory? CPU?
manelson05Author Commented:
I am noticing a program called Cognizance Identity and Access Management, I do nto recall loading this.
and atchk, tahose are the only ones I see in startup.
manelson05Author Commented:
Hey I killed asghost.exe, problem solved
manelson05Author Commented:
That proccess is the cognizance software I mentioend earlier, lsited as a critical proccess advised not to kill unless giving problems.
Yeah, the asghost.exe program is a part of the "Cognizance Identity and Access Management" install. If you do not need that program then you can remove it via the Add / Remove Programs area in the Control Panel. You should be good to go after that.
It is only critical if you need it in your network infrastructure. It is primarily used in conjunction with biometrics (fingerprint scanner, etc), PKI, or Smartcards.

If you aren't using these then you don't need the application.
If you don't feel the need to award points that is fine, but I thought my comment #22926017 lead you to find the process that was causing an issue, also my follow up comments (22926173 & 22926209) clarified the solution a bit more.

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Windows Vista

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