Symantec, Ghost Enterprise, 8.0, Lost hard drive on one client.. Cannot set up comunications. Other clients ok,

Ghost enterprise seems to be fine. on 10 clients.
All back up images are on Drive D  ( 11 images )
We lost a hard drive on client #10
Hard drive was tested, replaced and seems to be fine.
We cannot figure out how to establish Ghost Enterprise comunication with Client # 10 and recover our back up image.
Please Help
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:

CD image using Universal TCPIP image below

network boot Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk is a DOS bootdisk that

Ghost bootable


I hope this helps !
I would create a bootable thumb drive with Ghost on it and then see if you can connect to the server.  You can always create a bootable drive and then image from there.  If you have the space I would recommend having the image stored on the thumb drive for fast imaging w/ out the enterprise server.  
My solution is field proven, so I am not sure why you have given up.

All you need to do is map a drive on your network to where the Ghost images are, and use the universal TCPIP bootable cd or diskette to access the share,
Also put the Ghost DOS version ghost.exe on the same mapped drive, and run it, and do a disk restore.

I hope this helps !
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