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Hi...I need to move a folder on a Windows 2000 Server along with all of its sub directories to a Windows 2003 Server.  I need to keep all the security intact as well.  What switches would I use inorder to perform this copy.  Your help is much appreciated.
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snowalpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
please look at the scrrenshot for the options you can select if you need to copy all subdirectories with complete folder information including NTFS permissions.
this should be sufficient. but remember to include the robocopy.exe file since the program uses the exe to perform the copy.
let me know if this works for you.
try the robocopy with gui...have you given that a try yet? it makes life smple.
let me know if you need to stick to the command line utlity for it so i can tell you the switches you can use.
NetingAuthor Commented:
Hi....I am currently going to use the GUI version but need to know which switches to use inorder to copy the folder and subdirectories as well as keep the security intact....Thanks
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