WSUS - How to remove ALL updates?

I am new to WSUS and mistakenly syncd when I had too many products and classifications set.  Basically, I would like to remove all records for updates that are not needed.  My preference would be removing all updates and starting over from that point.  At the moment, I have 2392 updates in my All Updates screen.  Id prefer to start over so that only the updates I need will show after I sync next.

Apparently, getting 2392 down to 0 is not an easy feat.  

Ive used the SERVER CLEANUP WIZARD  but this has not removed anything.  I believe my unwanted updates are too new to be considered expired or superseded.

Ive run the following commands:

WsusDebugTool.exe /Tool:PurgeUnnneededFiles

(This tool ran and completed  but I do not notice a change  still have 2392 updates  all 2392 updates were declined before running the tool  shouldnt this have brought my total down to 0?)

wsusutil.exe removeinactiveapprovals

(This tool ran and completed with the message There are no permanently inactive approvals  WWW service was stopped beforehand)

wsusutil.exe deleteunneededrevisions

(This tool did not run because the deleteunneededrevisions command is unknown.  Its not an option when you run wsusutil.exe /?  I believe this command was used for earlier versions of the tool  my version is 3.1.6001.1)

wsusutil.exe reset

(This tool ran and completed with no status message)

Besides uninstalling and reinstalling WSUS, how do I remove all 2392 updates as options?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, below are a few more details:

WSUS v.3.1.6001.65
OS: Windows 2003 Server SP2
SUSDB.mdf: 1,404,096 KB
SUSDB_log: 164,672. KB
Store update files locally on this server (YES)
Download update files to this server only when updates are approved (YES)
Download express installation files (YES)
Update Languages (ENGLISH)
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Same issue here - I did it both ways manually removing from the list and reinstalling WSUS
Reinstalling WSUS went faster
IdeasUnknownSystem AdministratorCommented:
This will help you if you are on a WSUS version before 3.0:

Download the tools.  Decline all the updates. Run the tools.

Change the products you want updates for.  Approve the updates you want.  Then Synchronize.  It will then download the files you want.

If you are on Version 3.0 or newer Open the WSUS snap-in and decline all updates.  Go to Options -> Server Cleanup Wizard.  Select all the available options and run the process.  Once it is done change your product selections, approve the updates you want it to download and manually syncrhonize.

Let me know if you need more information and I will give you what I have.  Good Luck!

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