how to add disclaimer to outgoing emails

I want to add a disclaimer & privacy notice to outgoing emails.  I am using small bus server 2003 w/ exchange.
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Natively, Exchange does not support the ability to add such text when email is sent. So, you have two options:

1. My preferred option would be to purchase Exclaimer, a small lightweight email utility package which runs on the server itself. Whenever an email passes through the server, no matter whether the message was sent via Outlook Web Access, Outlook, a PDA/Blackberry or any other device, the disclaimer will be added. The power of Exclaimer, which I particularly like, is that you can also create custom signatures for all your users based on Active Directory information - if each user has their Office Address, Telephone Number and Email address programmed into their User account properties on the server, Exclaimer can retrieve this and generate a signature with this information automatically on all emails they send. Exclaimer Mail Utilities:

2. The cheaper approach is to use some sort of software client-side in Outlook to achieve this. Packages out there which do this have a number of flaws. Firstly, it only runs client-side, not server-side. That means it is difficult to manage, would require you to configure it for every user, and it only works when users send email via Outlook on THEIR computer. If they login to another workstation, use OWA from home, use RPC/HTTP on a private computer or a PDA device, or anything other than Outlook on THEIR computer, your disclaimer will not be added and, who knows, that one outgoing email without the disclaimer could cause problems for your company, and a lot of questions to be asked. I wouldn't suggest you go down this route, to be honest.

aleghartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For server-side, consider using GFI Mail Essentials for Exchange.



Thanks for the points. Just out of curiosity, was there a particular reason why you assigned a 'B' grade, since as per the grading guidelines, that would indicate that our answers were incomplete, or you had to do additional research. Was this the case?


I don't know if it works on SBS 2003
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