Errorhandled VB6 App - some computers -> Application Error / Hang


I have developed a rather large VB6 application.
I have added my own error handling on every method, meaning no error should cause a Windows Crash or Hang.
However on some computers my program will simply suddenly freeze up and throw a windows error with the standard "Dont send" button on it.

Windows also logs these errors

How can such errors occur when i have error handlers all over my application ?

This is giving some customers a huge problem, does anyone have any idea what could cause these error or how to figure out what is ?
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game-masterConnect With a Mentor Commented:

is hard to debug if OCX or DLL is failing, but since the the application works in your PC,
then u can simply used ur dll or ocx and paste it to the other PC...but the most
advisable way is, you create a setup of your application using package and deployment
wizard or any packaging application.. then, add all the ocx and dll u have used on that
package...finally install the application..

*all the ocx and dll u have included on the package will be copied or added on the pc.

i hope i could give u idea..


good morning!

that could mean that your program has no error,
but the dll and ocx that u used in the program is probably missing or corrupted.
Please check it.

mSchmidtAuthor Commented:
shoot.. i use a lot of DLLs, and OCXs for my application, is there any way to debug which one is failing ?
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