IF statement in VBScript to check the 'attached text' property of a WinButton

See the attached .doc file for a complete descriptio of my question.  Thanks!
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morcianiAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

I'm working on building some scripting using QuickTest Professional (and learning VBScript along the way).  Take a look at the following code snippet:

Browser("CBS signon").Page("Personal Market Billing_10").WebButton("Submit").Click
      If <condition> Then
            RunAction "Path_DuplicatePayment", oneIteration
            RunAction "MakeSuccessfulCCPayments", oneIteration
      End If
Browser("CBS signon").Dialog("Microsoft Internet Explorer").WinButton("OK").Click

I want to build an If statement that checks the Text (or some other unique property) of the dialog box that is made viewable after the Submit action.  Can someone help me with the syntax of the <condition> that Im testing for?  The dialog box that is displayed is as follows (see attached file):
I want the condition to check the 'attached text' property of the OK WinButton.  I just need help with the syntax&.  Thanks!

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