How to add a static route between 2 vlans on a netgear switch

We have a netgear managed switch that unfortunately I did not set up.  It has 2 vlans on it: and 201.0   The switches ip address is 101.253.  I am trying to see the network on the 201 side, specifically 201.201.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set up a static route to enable this.  Does anyone have any ideas?
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from_expConnect With a Mentor Commented:
absolutely sufficient!
does you switch have ip interfaces in both vlans?
if yes, then you have to configure all your workstations to have default gw to your switch, and your switch should be configured with default gateway to your firewall(the firewall you have additional static route to one (not directly connected) network located on the switch), so your switch will do the routing job between vlans and to the firewall.

Btw, I suppose you have typo in your networks and in a real live you have 192.168, not 192.169..
cvonrabeAuthor Commented:
Basically the vlans are set up on the switch.  The firewall is the dhcp server for the 101 subnet and our voip system provides the ip addresses on the 201 side.  I just need to be able to get to the 201 side from the 101 side.  This is how it looks right now:

101.189 (my workstatation) -> 101.254 (the firewall) -> 101.253 (the switch) -> dies after that

I just need to know how to set up the route on the switch to hit the 201 side.  the address of the switch on that side is When I try to create the route it asks for the network address and the next hop address.  This is what I am confused about and do not know what to put in.  

P.S. I did mean 192.168, not 169
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does your switch has ip address set in 201 subnet?
cvonrabeAuthor Commented:
yes.  both in the 101 and 201
I would say you don't need any route on the switch, because it already knows about it's own subnets.
so my assumption is that you need route to 101 subnet from 201st.
let's have an example

A(workstation)-->B(firewall) -->C(switch)-->D(PBX)

A has:
gw to

ip: (local side)
ip: x.x.x.1/24 (wan side)
default to: x.x.x.254 (route to internet)
route: via (so firewall should know that 201st subnet is behind the switch), possibly you already has that route because after fw you see switch's ip in the trace)

ip: (vlan 1)
ip: (vlan 2)
default to (if needed)

default to (unless you don't have default to somewhere else. If you have, then you have to add only a route to 101.0/24 subnet via

that's all.

cvonrabeAuthor Commented:
OK I think I kind of understand.  These are the routes I have in the switch right now.  It is still not working.  Do you think these routes are correct?  Thanks for all of your help, your information above is all correct.

Total Number of Routes         5
Network Address       Subnet Mask       Protocol       Next Hop Slot/Port       Next Hop IP Address       Default       2/1       Local       2/1       Static       2/2       Local       2/2       Static       2/1
static routes should be deleted here, because you can see switch itself has local routes to the same subnets
cvonrabeAuthor Commented:
So what you are saying is that the routes that were initially in were sufficient?
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