Citrix Printer Mapping Issue

We have a situation where users have local drive mappings for their network printers and the Citrix policy maps these printers. However, when a user logs into Citrix (published application or desktop), they are not mapped to their locally-mapped printers on their computer. They instead get mapped (in Citrix) to completely different shared printers on the network. It appears to occur regardless of the user's permissions to access the network (e.g., it occurs whether or not they are in the domain admins group) and also occur after their TS profile is removed and a new one is created. Additionally, logging onto a different Citrix server in teh farm results in a different set of incorrect printers. Any help is appreciated.
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inmdhdConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This was found to be related to the AD user group membership.
Might be a problem with print drivers. i Guess the users do not have rights to install drivers on the TS Servers.
I't very strange that the user gets random printer mapped. But, i really think this has to do with driver installations. Try a specific client, install that clients printerdriver on the TS as a Administrator (on the server console). Though, be careful with what drivers you install.
Provide info if this is helpful, if not, i will try to help more..

inmdhdAuthor Commented:
Yes, users are restricted from installing printer drivers. It doesn't appear to be a problem with the printer drivers; people can print fine. The mystery is why other users' printers mappings appear for other users. I tried removing their TS profile but the printers still appear. Very strange. Any other ideas?
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