Prevent access to UNC path while saving files from Notepad.

I want to know how to disable UNC paths in "Open" or "Save
 as..." dialog boxes like in notepad?

 I want to block users from typing "\\Server" in the dialog box so that they can't save the files on the network location.
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If your end goal is to keep users from being able to save files where they're not supposed to then it would be better to use the security permissions on the server to limit resources then try to disable the "\\server"  

You see network drives are often connected using using some sort of command that includes \\server\share.  And if you disabled the use of \\server piece in notepad that would have negative side effects else where on your system.  That's just one example of the need to not restrict \\server.

This all leads up to the answer to your questions, you can't disable the use of UNC paths in Open or Save as dialog boxes.

I hope all that makes sense.
TechGuy100Author Commented:
In order to explain the requiremnet more clearly...
We have a workstation in our network where we have given access to an application, we do not want the user to save anything from that workstation to any other computer on the network.

Specifically when a user opens Notepad and tries to save the txt file he can put the name of a "workstation" or "server" as "\\Server\....".
We want to restrict this practice if possible. I know we can use permissions on the servers and workstations to do that but is there a way to take away the "Option" completely to save as \\server\,, in Notepad.
That is different.  The easiest way I know how to accomplish this, but doesn't involve making direct changes to notepad, is as follows.

Set the DNS settings statically on the PC to an your ISP's DNS server (or you could use Verizon's public DNS server  Then go to the host file and make entries for the server and any other computers to point to

I know that's not exactly what your looking for but I think it meets the needs of your goal, to keep the user from accessing the server.

Another tool that you might find useful is a free utility called Microsoft's Steady State.  It's used  to lock down the computer.


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