Prevent DFS for specific user(s)

If I have three file servers (A, B, & C) with DFS links to a fourth server (D), can I force certain users to access the files directly (\\a\share\file.ext or \\b\share\file2.ext) rather than \\d\dfs-share\file.ext or \\d\dfs-share\file2.ext)?

The servers are across slow links and so a user in office A connects to \\d\dfs-share\file.ext not knowing that file.ext is actually in B.  This causes the user to traverse the slow link from A to D and D to B when they could just go A to B.

Even "Access Denied" would be good enough.
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MikealclConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I thought AD Sites would direct the user to the fastest location using site link cost?
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