Dell Client Configuration Utility for Updating BIOS

I am trying to use the DCCU from Dell to configure the BIOS on a Latitude D800. I can read the current setting successfully and remotely. I have tried changing the setting remotely without success. I just wanted to change the boot devices for the cd drive from on to off and it fails every time. I tried running remotely and even logged into the system as admin and ran the executable and it fails. Any ideas? Thanks!
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jbyrd1981Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks igor... I tried as directed and still no luck. I did go to the Dell website and found that they have a newer version of the DCCU, version 3.0. I was using version 1.2.1. Loaded up this version and I was able to cahnge the setting like I was trying to do above. Thanks!
you will need to have local access when updating the BIOS.. Anyone there you can walk it through with?

It will be mach easier and simple (in case if can get hands on the computer) if you just reboot computer, press F2 to get into BIOS and change boot device order.
jbyrd1981Author Commented:
Thanks guys but I know all that. The problem is that we have remote computers hundreds of miles away that we need to change BIOS settings. We have them password protected and cannot give it to regular users. That is why the DCCU would be great if it would actually change to settings. This is my dilema...
igor-1965Connect With a Mentor Commented:
On Dell's forum I found the information that might help (attached). It appears you CANNOT configure all the boot devices at once - they have to be configured individually. I haven't tested it personally so can't tell if it works or not.

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