how to import fields with line feeds into SQL

is there a way to import fields with line feeds?   see attached screen-shot
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Using the wizard is similar to SSIS :You will have the option to select the Header Row Delimeter:
Semicolon {;}, and so on & 
Systems based on ASCII or a compatible character set use either LF (Line feed, 0x0A) char(10) or CR (Carriage Return, 0x0D) char(13) individually, or CR followed by LF (CR+LF, 0x0D 0x0A).
If you change the Header Row Delimeter to something else (depending your file) it will import the ASCII  newline or LF to fields with line feeds.
Right click on database->Tasks->import data-> datasource =flat file source
browse your file and preview
rastafarayAuthor Commented:
ty sm394D

i am familiar with the method, but will it retain the line feeds?
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Are you using SQL 2005 SSIS importing from a Text file:
Edit the source connection for FlatFiles, and change the Header Rows delimeter.
rastafarayAuthor Commented:
this is SQL 2005 but not SSIS, simply right click on dbase | all tasks | import etc etc.

i've done flat file imports before, but still unclear as to what char code translated into a line feed
rastafarayAuthor Commented:
great i will pay attention to the UI for this...

many thanks Ernariash
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