Oracle excessive generation of archive redo

I have a scriipt which creates tables and indcies at startup, basicallu all DDL's. There are many archive redo generated. I am using Oracle 10g. What could be the reason ?
Thanks very much.
(Also how do I know what is going on, that is creating so much redo without any DML ?)
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you should use logminer to check what statements generate redo logs.

take a look into this link:
Depends on many things such as:

1. Index creation if not using NOLOGGING will cause redo logs write.
2. Create table
3. Update, Insert, Delete

Are you running database in ARCHIVE LOG MODE?

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Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamCommented:
Everything you are doing goes to Redo log files. Generation of redo depends on what are you doing. ie. Suppose you are deleting all rows of table generates maximum redo generation, while truncate of table does very less. Creation of index, tables are again generate redo. If you really want to know what is written in your log files, you can use logminer. just configure it and see what it contain. Probabily it helps you alot.
Good Luck
Often if you forget after warm (online) backup to put the tablespace in normal mode
the log file is very big.
Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamCommented:
Very true of Schwertner comment, use
select * from v$backup
to see if any tablespace is in hot backup mode.
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