Absence and vacation schedule - Sharepoint - tracking Holiday Balances

Hi experts
I am looking to develop absence approval workflow, where holidays balances can be tracked.  There is template (Absence and vacation schedule) available from Microsoft as part of fablous 40, I am hoping to extend that and make use of InfoPath forms (There is absence form available out of the box as well)

There are so many posts about this topic, but none seem to explain good way of tracking holiday balances, ie custom list or something else.

500 points on offer for this.
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Hi there.

I started the same process yesterday. All I can use is designer and infopath so this may not be the cleanest solution, I'm not a developer by any stretch of the imagination.

Firstly I have an infopath form that uses the Moss getprofilebyusername web service to automatically fill certain fields in the infopath webform. This includes name, managers name, department etc. The user submits the form and it goes into a document library. When it gets there it starts an approval workflow that sends an email to the manager, and does a few other things, like create a friendly reference ID for the user.

When its approved (via a workflow started by a manager) it creates a log of the leave in an HR log that users do not have access to. This includes all the obvious leave details. It also links the form and the log together (via ID number) so the log entry always knows what form created it.

When the log entry is created, it searches the holiday balance table for the user. it checks to see if they are French (not because I dont like them but because their holiday dates run june to may instead of jan to dec)

It works out if the request is for this holiday year or next holiday year. If its for this year, it adds the balance of the request to the used total in the holiday balance table. If its for next year, it waits until the begining of the year + a random amount of minutes and then processes it that night (it checks to make sure that it request is still live before it actions it)

People can either change the original form and save it, in which case it asks for approval again, marks the old log entry as dead (so we have a record of the cancellation, the dead entry then removes the number of days from the users "used" column in the holiday balance table) and creates a new log entry with the updated details which starts that process again. They can alternatively kill the old form and create a new one obviously.

Im going to implement another web service that brings the users remaining holiday balance into the actual infopath form so people can see how many days they have left.

Hope this helps, what ive written is starting to confuse me so if you want to ask anything go ahead!

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Chandi11Author Commented:
Hi Ellis
Thanks for this, it sounds like exactly what i need.  I need steps, and need them now!!! Are you available to log on remotely or on the phone? I think we could do with a chat.
drop me a line at expertxchange@ellisfairbank.com
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Chandi11Author Commented:
Hi Ellis
It bounces back, get failed reply from postmaster@ellisfairbank.co.uk, even though i sent it to ".com"
sorry. try sharepoint@ellisfairbank.com
Chandi11Author Commented:
did you receive anything?
Chandi11Author Commented:
Thanks Ellis F.
Now I am getting somewhere.
were any step actually wrtten for this I'd be interested in see how the aloocation calculations were done as I'm now trying to achieve the same end
Considering the nature of this forum, it would be nice if the solution was described here, rather than being done via email. Any chance we could see the process for this?
Just to save everyone from emailing, the company I previously worked for was bought out a few days after this and this work was shelved so it was never really completed. Sorry to disappoint!
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