How to auto update next run time for scheduled jobs

Hi, I have a laptop with sql 2005 installed sp2.. version 9.0.3054  

I also have plenty of sql agent jobs that run hourly.

My problem is that in the afternoons, i put my laptop in hibernate and take it home, and in the morning when i turn it back on, the sql agent jobs time for next run is always in the past. It doesn't realize that time has passed and need to run in the next hour.
How to get pass this problem.

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WizillingConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i created a job that would find all jobs that have past the next run time and start them up again. I have scheduled it to run at differnent schedules so this particular refresh job doesnt itself get missed.
However this is only a work around I am using and a proper solution has been found yet.
Problem is that sql server agent doesnt realise that next run time has passed and not smart enough to re-schedule time itself...
Jagdish DevakuSr DB ArchitectCommented:

I think by changing the 'Schedule Type' option to "Start automatically when SQL Server Agents starts"

You can find this option by right click on the SQL Agent Job and Select 'Schedule'

Please let me know if you find any issue....

WizillingAuthor Commented:
Hi, I have already tried that. When I put my laptop into hibernation, None of the services stop... so when i resume my laptop again, none of the services have to start (since they are already started ) and that event wont fire.
Jagdish DevakuSr DB ArchitectCommented:
Yeah u r right...

I would like to know, what exactly u require...??
WizillingAuthor Commented:
After I resume my laptop from hibernation ,the next run time (in sql server agent jobs) still shows old time..  I would like to how what must I do so that sql can update its next run time according to the schedule which is next two hours.
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