Monitoring HDD on megaraid SATA 150-6 controller

I started a new job and no one seems to know much about a raid server that is in production.  This server was manufactured by a company that is no longer in business.  I wanted to find some monitoring software that would be able to send me an email alert if any of the HDDs in this server fail.  As it stands right now i don't know if all of the drives are working or not (from the LEDs on the front i am assuming everything is functional).  Please let me know if an expert out there knows of a free or inexpensive software package that can successfully monitor the drives in this server.  Thanks in advance for the help.
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Unless you can find original monitor from MegaRAID, I doubt it.

I would change over to something that is supported ASAP.

I hope this helps !

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I was facing the same problem.
Unfortunately, there is no standard interface for that. You cannot even request basic SMART data from each of harddrives in RAID because OS have no direct access to them.
Why only a C ?  Even No solution is considered an answer.

Please see

I joined just to give gentleman proper information this is an excellent card in it's price class. 
will bring you to downloads for product no mention of OS for Windows near the bottom of the page under Miscellaneous you are looking for the "Power Console Plus 5.00n-4".  Unless someone turned off the alarm on card when a drive fails it makes a loud (home fire alarm type sound) (wakes me up one floor away).  Once installed from within power consol plus click "adaptor" "View NVRAM event log" if a drive (called target 0-5) has failed numberous times within a month replace it if you only see one error on a drive don't be too concerned .  Hopefully someone built array with a Hot-Spare and it should fail defective drive and bring in hot spare automatically.  To improve performance of array you can change these setting but ONLY IF SERVER IS ON UPS!  If no battery backup these setting can and will corrupt array!       Cache: Direct,  Read Policy: Read Ahead, Write Policy: Write Back
Also recommend you look into firmware level and driver updates as early releases caused blue screen errors at the most inopertune times.  

with my link you have to click "Support and Downloads" to view files.  If this product was a retail purchase you can call their support make sure you have the prduct serial number ready.  Mine was on my box but imagine you will be able to read off card if it is viewable...
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