Motion Tween Banner Creation - Fade block tween over image

I have a simple (very simple banner). It is 780px by 125px that consists of about 8 images that are seperated by a delay of 5 seconds. There is a single layer and each image is an object (movie). The images do not tween but appear after 5 seconds.

I am still happy for it to stay like that but during the 5 seconds (or maybe longerif needed) I would like a faded (partially transparent box - imagine dimensions 100px by 125px to slide across the image from left to right and then stop and the title/description for the image to appear, it must also be possible to click a different link for each image to open a seperate web page with the full image.

I am a complete flash novice and will give 500points to someone who can kindly walk me through it, so at least I can learn it a little!

Big Thanks!!!
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I'm trying to visualize what you are talking about, I think I understand. Are you looking to operate everything via the timeline or do you want to do it all with ActionScript?
you can put another layer on top of your image layer.
create a movieclip of those dimensions you want and the alpha settings as you want.
then create a tween (use Tween class - see library for AS2 or AS3 depending on what you're using) for the moving across screen effect.
then whenever your current swap image effect takes place (either from a frame or you have some code somewhere) - tell it to play that movieclip - should work.

then in order for the title / description to appear, you need to place it there - i'm assuming you're hardcoding all your images.
in order to click the images there's different options.
1. convert your images into movieclips - and add code onRelease or click event (AS2/AS3) to trigger the getURL / urlRequest (AS2/AS3) to open the pages you're going to have to create.
2. put a hidden button on top of the display area of the images.
have some form of knowing which is the current image, so depending on how your images are currently swapping out set a variable ie
var currentImage:Number = 1;

then create an array to store the diferent pages to open.
var urlArray:Array = new Array("page1.html", "page2.html etc);
then when you click your hidden button you'll call a method to open the page based on the currentImage value and the index in the array (remembering that the array is 0 based, ie. first item is at 0)

so think which AS you're using and which approach you which to take.

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