Cant Suspend Virtual Machine using VMRUN command


I'm trying to suspend some virtual machines for backup purposes , the machines where created
in VMware Server 1.0.4 and we have now moved on to VMware 2.0 and machines have been moved across successfully,

When I run the command it says it cant find the virtual machine the command im using is

vmrun -T server -h -u administrator -p ##### suspend "d:\virutal machines\FIATXP.vmx"

the error is attached

Thank you
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TolomirConnect With a Mentor AdministratorCommented:
I read on a German forum that one has to use the datastore-name that vmware uses instead of the real path.

Something like ... stop "[standard] VMWARE/VMWARE.vmx"

That datastore-name can be found in "Configure VM" in the webinterface

filiperodriguesAuthor Commented:
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