Missing some client printers in an RDP session

We have a Terminal Server environment, from which one of our staff connects remotely to another business's server via RDP.
Only problem is that only some of our printers are showing up as client printers when she connects to their server.  Unfortunately the one she wants to use is one of the printers that isn't showing up.  
We've tested with another user, and they are missing the exact same printers.
All of the printers we do see are HP. Of the ones we don't, theres 1xHP, 1x Fuji Xerox, 2x Konica and all the PDF printers we have installed.
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Terminal Services Printing is a bit of a nightmare.  The drivers for the printers need to be loaded BOTH locally AND on the server and I *believe* they need to match versions as well.  There are third party tools that can be used to ease printer issues, but these products are relatively expensive (I think in the low $1000's).
wolfcamelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to be an admin on the Terminal server, then
go to printers,
file, server properties, drivers and install the driver for the local printers.
this is the only way as most other printer driver installation methods expect to allocate the driver to a printer on a port - you need the driver on the server before you connect with a session - then it will be able to allocate it.
I expect you will currently see event log errors to this effect.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Have you checked that the printer models involved are supported in a TS environment? Host-based printers won't run in TS.

Do you have a general problem with the PDF "printers" or are there specific users/machines affected?
the pdf printers will need the software and hence license installed on the TS
bosshognzAuthor Commented:
Hi, Sorry for the delay.  As we're not Domain Admins on the other business's server, we had to wait for their techies to install the drivers. Both your instructions solved the issue and our users are happily printing to the right printers now.  Thanks!
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