From auto submit

I would like to remove the Submit button and just have the action go as soon as a user fills one of the radio buttons.

Form looks like this:
<form name="sort" action="colorado_crv_test.php" method="post">
                          <label for="Trim">CRV Trim Options</label>
                          <input type="radio" name="Trim" value="All" >
                          All <br>
                          <input type="radio" name="Trim" value="LX" >
                          LX <br>
                          <input type="radio" name="Trim" value="EX" >
                          EX <br>
                          <input type="radio" name="Trim" value="EX-L" >
                        <input name="Sort" type="submit" id="submit" value="Sort Inventory">
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quincydudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in every radio button add
Cutthroat_TroutAuthor Commented:
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