What is a good CISCO device to buy on ebay cheap that I can learn on and why?

Just as title.  What an old  model of cisco router, fw and switch I can learn on cheap.  And what is a good method to connect to one?  putty? Thank you.
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that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you taken a look at GNS3 router emulator? great tool for learning the CLI.

If you would prefer actual hardware then i would start with a 2600 series router, a 2950 series switch and a Pix 501 firewall. All can be found cheap on ebay.

For your console connection (initial config) I would use hyperterminal. After you get the device going i would suggest setting up telnet or SSH and use putty.
Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
A cisco 2600 series is a basic 2-port router that has a low resale value, and runs IOS.
Jerry SolomonNetwork  AdministratorCommented:
For a switch, the catalyst 1800 series--same deal.
go for cisco 1841router , 2960 switch and cisco 5505 ASA,

u can connect via putty (ssh), put than router shpoud pe security bundeled ,
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