Tomcat server root application with apache http proxy on cent os

How to set up tomcat 5 + apache httpd proxy at the root so that will hit my application?

I am running centos and both http and tomcat are running as default sevices.

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caterham_wwwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, if mod_proxy_http is loaded.

> apache httpd redirect me to

That should not be caused by the ProxyPass directive but by sthg. else.
Are there certain paths/extensions which should go through the proxy? Or every request?

For apache 2.2, you'll need the following modules (check the LoadModule section of your httpd.conf)
- mod_proxy
- mod_proxy_ajp

You can proxy every request to tomcat via [1] in your httpd.conf, while the port of your tomcat server may differ.
ProxyPass / ajp://localhost:8091/
ProxyPassReverse / ajp://localhost:8091/

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roychan0328Author Commented:
So I have to move my application to the root of tomcat first, right?

How can I do that?
No, if your application lives in a subfolder, you can specify the folder:
ProxyPass / ajp://localhost:8091/folder/
ProxyPassReverse / ajp://localhost:8091/folder/
ProxyPass /foo ajp://localhost:8091/folder
ProxyPassReverse /foo ajp://localhost:8091/folder
depending upon your needs.

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roychan0328Author Commented:
does it work with http proxy instead of ajp?

I tried to do this
ProxyPass / http://localhost:8091/folder/
ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8091/folder/

and I got 404

apache httpd redirect me to
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