How can I copy a file from windows to a VM machine environmenrt?

Hi all,
I am sure I am missing something. I am not able to copy a file (tar file) from my windows Vista environment to a virtual machine environment. How can I do this? I want to install DB2 on this virtual machine and I don't know how to copy the DB2 install tar file into this environment so that I can unzip it and do the db2 install. I have the tar file on my Vista folder and want to know how I can copy the into my virtual linux environment. Can anybody help with a step by step way to do this?

Gratefully yours in advance...

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omarfaridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
start up the virtual machine (boot it) then either use ftp or sftp to its IP address then transfer the file
efg-uaeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What i guess is that you have linux in your Virtual Machine. and you have windows Vista from which you want to send file to Linux in VM.
Boot your VM. and Create a Samba Share in your Linux Machine. and Access that shared folder from Windows Machine.
Share a Folder from your Windows Machine and Access that Shared Folder from your linux Machine.
if you are able to do this then tell me, otherwise i will guide you to start FTP server in Linux machine and you will be able to use that.
Take Care
TolomirConnect With a Mentor AdministratorCommented:
you could also burn that tar file on a CD / DVD and mount that volume in vmware for that virtual client.

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aldanchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
alternatively, in extension to Tolomir's suggestion, you can create an ISO image of your TAR file using InfraRecorder or ImgBurn (both free) and mount the ISO image on your Linux VM - no need to create a Samba Share if you don't want to, although for future transfers, that would be the route you choose (smb share).

Is your Linux a desktop (gui) or server (command line only - did not install a GUI) edition?

What vendor are you using? VMware, Microsoft, or Citrix (Xen)
Which platform? VMware = ESX, Server, Workstation, Player; Microsoft = VPC, Virtual Server, Hyper V, Citrix = Xen
ednetmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you install VMWare tools on your VM then you can drag the folder in to the VM from your Vista box.  That's one of the main advantages of VMWare Tools!  Also, better video and mouse performance.  Plus you can drag siles back out of the VM.  Also, the clipboard will be shared between the guest and host.

this one is for UBUNTU:
EnudaAuthor Commented:
Good morning all,
I want to thank everyone for their responses. Now I know what to do.

Again, thanks all
EnudaAuthor Commented:
One of the best responses that I have experienced in this forum
You're welcome Enuda. I'm glad we're able to assist you with your question.
That's why we hang out here, to help people and share the knowledge!

Best of luck and post a new question if you run in to any issues.  :-)

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