remove ghost virtual partition

I installed Norton Ghost 2003 and it created a virtual partition in which it runs.  I am having errors with Ghost and it won't run, and won't let me exit the partition.  HOW DO I REMOVE THE PARTITION?
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MGothelfConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
None of these answers addressed my problem.  I was not able to get back to Windows to use a partition manager (I have Partition Magic).  The problem was Ghost would only START to boot to Ghost, but not finish and not allow booting to Windows.

The solution was to use my Windows CD, and go through the 'reinstall windows' scenario which got me to the screen where I could delete the partition and make another bootable.
I would check the Symantec site for the errors you are getting, since you could have issues with booting if this is not done correctly.

I hope this helps !
Use a partition manager like fdisk or similar to delete the extra partition. You'll find a few such tools on the UBCD.
A. Cristian CsikiSenior System AdministratorCommented:
Or Gparted from Rescue CD

Good luck,

We didn't ask you to get to windows to run those tools. They start directly from their CD's from which you boot from. Those tools on the UBCD are DOS based and GParted is Linux based.

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