IIS6 - "SMTP Virtual Server" not relaying messages

I'm trying to get the Default SMTP Virtual Server under IIS6 (Windows Server 2003) to actually transmit my locally created emails out to the internet.  I've installed the SMTP server and set up the Access >> Relay to "All Except" and even "Only the list below" (setting IP:, and my local ip) but still it refuses to relauy the emails.  I can see them all stacking up in the QUeue folder.  I cehcked the logs and found nothing of interest mentioned in there.  I've already restarted the SMTP Server and IIS.  Anonymous Connections are enabled for the SMTP server.

Any ideas to wake up the SMTP server so that it can finally begin to transmit the queue?  I am not using Exchange Server.  
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If the emails have reached the IIS server from the application,you just have to ensure the SMTPVS is set to defaults and you are able to telnet to the internet on port 25.
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