My Notification alert stop working.
i didn't change anything.
when i send send test email i can see error in the event viwer:

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      DatabaseMail
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      0
Date:            11/11/2008
Time:            7:07:47 AM
User:            N/A
Computer:      ServerName
Database Engine Instance=DW1;Mail PID=7080;Error Message:
The update to the database failed. Reason:
The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'sysmail_logmailevent_sp', database 'msdb', schema 'dbo'.

Any idea?
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yarshwConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I changed the services to be run under domain user account instead of local service account and it solved it.

the strange thing is that it work before and i didn't change it.

Haris DulicCommented:
did you make any changes to user rights, since error is stating that you do not have PRIVILEGE to EXECUTE...
yarshwAuthor Commented:
No but  am not the only person that workon this server, also DBA working on it, but he say he didn't make any changes.

how can i know which user need permissions?
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Haris DulicCommented:
you need to check the permission for the user that is set in the application  DatabaseMail... it can be your user or any user you put to connect to db
yarshwAuthor Commented:
I can't see where the how to determine which user should have the rights.
can you be more specific?

Haris DulicCommented:
can you check who has privilege to EXECUTE 'sysmail_logmailevent_sp' procedure??

and can you ask DBA to send that test mail... just to check is it ok for his user.
What does this have to do with Crystal Reports?

Is this a database alert?
If so which database, I'll adjust the forum list

yarshwAuthor Commented:

it's sql 2005 server and i am trying to have notification on jobs.
it was working till two weeks and then suddenly stop working.
when i try to send test email from the database mail i got an error.
you can see the error above, in the original question.
looks like permissions issue but i don't sure how to check and fix it.

yarshwAuthor Commented:
Ha, my mistake.
should not be in crystal rerport zone.
just SQL.
Haris DulicCommented:
anything related to my post ID:22929849??
chapmandewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
make sure whatever user you use to send the noficiations has access to the msdb db and that they can execute the proc sysmail_logmailevent_sp
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