Mail routing issues between 2007 and 2003

Hi, we are implementing an exchange 2007 server into an existing 2003 organisation.

The 2003 org is split across two AD Sites (the remote site is a seperate domian within the same AD forest, but a single exchange org).

The sites (for the purpose of this question) are siteA and siteB

SiteA - contains the 2007 server (and the original 2003 server as well)
SiteB - contains the remaining 2003 server (which is to remian currently)

sites are linked by a site to site VPN

External DNS MX points all inbound mail to come in the internet link at siteA (and currently the only internet "send connector" is in siteA)

users in siteB are not receiving and inbound email, either from the 2007 server or from the internet (which should route via exchange 2007)

They can send mail fine to recipients in siteA and out to the internet (via the send connector in 2007).

The original routing group links created by e2k7 setup have been modified (deleted and recreated the connectors, not the group) to link between siteA and siteB (where they were created by setup to link between the e2k7 and e2k3 servers in siteA).

I just cant suss out what is going wrong, any pointers greatly appreciated


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florin_sConnect With a Mentor Commented:

So if I understand correctly you have a routing group connector between 2007 and 2003(siteA to siteB)?
You have implemented something like this or similar(please see link):

paul-adamAuthor Commented:

yep thats pretty much exactly what I had done.

Ive just fixed it actually - some clever so and so had put an ACL on the router which tied down the site to site VPN to only allow SMTP to come from the old 2003 server in siteA - added the new 2007 server and hey presto - mail flows!

surprised I didnt see anything to that affect in 2007's mail flow troubleshooter etc.... though.

Many Thanks for your response though


paul-adamAuthor Commented:
as you were kind enough to respond to my question - have some points :)
thanks :)
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